What's New New Product Information
Designed for camping and outdoor activities, IPF offers a new warm white light LED working lamp
Delivers lightweight and compact design for use in various applications
EXP Roof Gear Bag has been designed specifically to be transported outside of your car or van, making it ideal to be stored on your IPF roof rack when in use
IPF's all-new cargo extension kit provides extra cargo space behind your rear seats
New Effecter series' LED bulbs are identical size to factory halogen bulbs, which allows for installation in headlamps and fog lamps where rear of larger IPF LED bulbs tend to come in contact with vehicle parts due to limited clearance.
This single-row LED bulbs feature the rotation mechanisms for correct installation and light distribution
New Effecter series' LED bulbs are identical size to factory halogen bulbs, which allows for installation in pop-up headlamps and vehicles where rear of larger IPF LED bulbs tend to come in contact with vehicle parts due to limited clearance. In addition, unique features are added to the H4 type bulbs
One and only JIMNY rear ladder made of lightweight aluminum
IPF's EXP roof rack is the best choice for use in many applications. Specially designed optional accessories are also available
Designed exclusively, the JS-001 lamp stay delivers a perfect fit on JIMNY JB74
IPF released the exclusive bracket set for the JIMNY JB74 and IPF 40" LED light bar "642RJ". Using the bracket set enables JIMNY owners to install the IPF light bar on the top of the front window
Exclusive bracket set for the JIMNY JB74 and IPF 600 S-series 40" LED light bar
Market-leading IPF LED headlamp bulb series has evolved as the F series. It provides outstanding performance of brightness and wide light distribution. The single, "all-in-one" body assembly allows for ease of installation
Designed to fit a wide range of vehicles with limited installation clearance. IPF offers downsized space-saving H4 type LED bulb incorporating great new technologies including high-efficiency cooling performance of LEDs
Highly regarded "all-in-one" body assembly H11, HB3/4 and HIR2 type LED bulbs incorporate great new technologies.
The new F series LED bulbs are developed to provide all time high lighting performance
New F series' downsized body LED bulbs (H11 and HB3/4) allow installation in limited clearance and vehicles with headlamp protective cover
New F series' IPF dual color LED fog lamp bulbs deliver excellent usability and performance in various road surface condition
Provides increased light output over conventional halogen searchlight, tough stainless body fabricated by spinning of Japanese craftsmanship
Offering a new option to IPF's LED light bar range. Unique Guard Emblem provides a distinctive look on the lights.
Features of user-friendliness are its slim, small-sized light weight body, and value
IPF added a new feature "Day/Night Time Positioning Light" to the 940 SUPER RALLY LED lights. Specifically designed harness "WF-2DT" is available incorporating unique "ON-OFF-ON" 3 Position Switch
Unique optical design provides improved visibility and a distinction in appearance from others
Just right for combination of the JS-001 lamp stay for a new Jimny, delivering advanced optical design and excellence in usability
Designed for JEEP WRANGLER JK (2010~). Angle adjustment feature ensures a perfect lighting performance
Best upgrade LED fog bulb comes on the market
Adaptable for a wide variety of vehicles including H16 type of resin lamp body "Ideal of fog light distribution"
Incorporating 3-mode brightness control function, "RAIJIN" offers a great amount of light spreading thunderous illumination all round
Aerodynamic body suppresses air resistance when running at high speed. "FUUJIN" offers high intensity spot beam and provides visibility in field of front vision of motor racing, 3-mode brightness control function incorporated
600 series 10"double row (612RJ) exclusive model
600 series' 2 inch cubes are compact and versatile lighting packages, which offer significant light output. Available in driving and diffused beam patterns, and S-632 comes with functional IPF logo protective covers
Trade Shows
13-15 Jan. 2023, IPF had showcased specially equipped Mitsubishi Delica D5 at our booth of Tokyo Auto Salon 2023.
Thank you for coming and enjoying the show with us!
24 Oct.-4 Nov. 2019, one of world's biggest motor show, once every two years, TOKYO MOTOR SHOW 2019 was held in Tokyo. IPF exhibited all new products including the market leading LED upgrade bulbs and all types of lighting products for the FOMM's electric vehicle.

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