Improved Deep Yellow & Daylight White LED Light Colors

IPF's popular dual-color LED fog lamp bulbs have evolved to the "F series", it provides excellent usability and performance in all conditions.

Developmental Background

Many drivers want to opt for emission color of fog lamp to respond to various weather conditions while behind the wheel, IPF merged a superior optics design and newly developed switching control function, and converting them into a commercial reality.
Ideal LED fog lamp bulb being created by accommodating customer and market demand.
• True white daylight color for a standard night driving (6500K)
• Enhanced rich yellow LED light provides improved wet road surface visibility in adverse weather conditions (2400K)
• Dual-color LED bulb delivers ideal of user-friendliness and high level of convenience


IPF optimized each light distribution of white and yellow LED light colors to deliver sound beam patterns (patented).
Aligning white and yellow LED chips in a straight line doesn't replicate halogen filament placement. And incorrect LED placement and luminous points' misalignment don't create a sound beam pattern.
To solve this issue, IPF simulated required ideal beam patterns for night driving environment of each LED color. Aiming to deliver ideal beam patterns, IPF spent countless hours of light distribution simulation testing and optimized LED placement.
White color LEDs complement headlamp's light distribution, reducing dark blind area. Yellow color LEDs provide improved wet road surface visibility.

Easy Operation for Emission Color Switching

Drivers can choose preferred LED color by factory fog lamp's on-off operation (patent pending).
• There is no need to add switches and wiring work
• Allowing an easy operation using factory fog lamp on-off switch
• Switching on fog lamp twice can change LED light color
• Memorizing preset color incorporating a built-in microcomputer drive unit
• Same LED light color will appear when re-lighting

Incorporated a convenient memory function that recovers the light color from the time it was switched off.
Memory initialization function built for security, which can match the LED color in case each bulb right and left emits unmatched color.

Fuss-Free Lighting Angle Adjustment

Reviewed previous LED fog lamp bulb's design and structure wholly and set the adjustment screw on the rear part (heatsink) of the new LED fog lamp bulbs.
• Incorporates an externally adjustable rotation feature (Outer Aiming - patent pending)
• Externally adjustable rotation feature allows users an easy installation and lighting angle adjustment
• IPF's user-friendly product design ensures a best beam pattern, offering a simple and easy installation

Selectable Lineup of Bulb Types

Toyota HiAce after 2012 Model Year - Bulb Type: PSX26W

Proven Quality

• Selected highly durable quality parts
• Manufactured in a strict quality control regime
• Meets OEM demand standard test
• Based on IPF's product performance evaluations
• Adds muddy salted water test
• Conducts real car endurance test
• Passed toughest evaluation tests
• Provides improved durability to withstand in conceivable harsh usage environment
• Compatible with Hybrid vehicles and ECO idling or start-stop cut off system (12/24V)
*In general usage environment, IPF's LED conversion kits deliver a sense of safety while using it for a long time as vehicle lighting is the most important security part and it offers a maintenance-free secure feeling.


Part Number Bulb Type Power Consumption Color Temperature Price
F50DFLB H8/11/16 12v/24v 12w 6500k/2400k OPEN
F55DFLB HB4 12v/24v 12w 6500k/2400k OPEN
F56DFLB PSX26W 12v/24v 12w 6500k/2400k OPEN
///Term description///
Lumen It is the unit of the optical energy generated from an electric bulb.
When numerical value is large, the brightness of the bulb become brighter.
Candela Measure the brightest point numerically when a head lamp is equipment.
kelvin Kelvin temperature is a numerical measurement that describes the color appearance of the light produced by the lamp and the color appearance of the lamp itself,
expressed on the Kelvin (K) scale.

Light source
Halogen Halogen light bulbs are a special type of incandescent light bulb.
They are filled with halogen gas, have a tungsten filament, and are enclosed in quartz glass.
It is intend to be out of date, but still bright and gentle light in the eyes.
H.I.D High Intensity Discharge, it the new replacement technology for halogen headlights.
Brightness is the biggest advantage of an HID conversion. Not only will you be able to see farther and better at night, but other drivers will be able to see as well.
Its estimated that an HID conversion kit will increase your brightness from a halogen set up as much as 300%.
LED LED lighting is a lamp or other light that uses light-emitting diodes (LEDs) as a source of illumination.
LEDs are more expensive than traditional bulbs. They are heat sensitive, so if they are not used with a steady and consistent current, they can stop working or fade quicker.
These lights are also usually best used in directional lighting rather than room lighting, although some changes in design may improve this.
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