Warm White Light LED Working Lamp

Designed for camping and outdoor activities, IPF offers a new warm white light LED working lamp.

650lm Light Output

Provides ideal light for use as a main camping lantern (650lm).

Evenly Distributed Illumination

Newly designed diffusing lens and reflector delivers evenly distributed illumination.

Low Power Consumption

This product consumes only 10W. If you connect the power wire to a cigar plug, you can also use it with a portable battery.
Allows for long hours of continuous lighting when camping without risking your car's battery running out.

Adjustable Illumination Direction

Features an adjusting spring, allowing side-to-side adjustment after the lamp is fixed in place.

Lightweight, Compact Design Working Lamp

Weighs only 320g
Features lightweight and compact design for use in various applications.

IPF Logo Silicon Guard

641WL-1 lamp kit includes an IPF logo silicon guard, protecting you from heated lamp when adjusting lighting direction.
Allows upright and hanging mounting options.

One-Year Warranty

Water/Dustproof Design (IP68)

Prevents water ingress in harsh environments.

Water/Dust Resistant Connectors

Using reliable Deutsch waterproof connectors, prevents water ingress through connection.

Complete Wiring Harness Kit

Complete wiring harness kit includes 12V relay and splash-proof switch (with indicator light).
*Optional 24V relay (WA-18) is available for 24-volt vehicles or trucks.

Super Tough Body

Provides improved crashproof and its tough body with up to 10G vibration resistance.

Operating Temperature Range -30°C∼+70°C(-22°F∼+158°F)

Product Dimensions


Instruction Manual





Part Number Lumen Candela Power Consumption  Color Temperature  Weight Price
641WL-1 650lm 460cd 10w 6000k 320g/EA OPEN
///Term description///
Lumen It is the unit of the optical energy generated from an electric bulb.
When numerical value is large, the brightness of the bulb become brighter.
Candela Measure the brightest point numerically when a head lamp is equipment.
kelvin Kelvin temperature is a numerical measurement that describes the color appearance of the light produced by the lamp and the color appearance of the lamp itself,
expressed on the Kelvin (K) scale.

Light source
Halogen Halogen light bulbs are a special type of incandescent light bulb.
They are filled with halogen gas, have a tungsten filament, and are enclosed in quartz glass.
It is intend to be out of date, but still bright and gentle light in the eyes.
H.I.D High Intensity Discharge, it the new replacement technology for halogen headlights.
Brightness is the biggest advantage of an HID conversion. Not only will you be able to see farther and better at night, but other drivers will be able to see as well.
Its estimated that an HID conversion kit will increase your brightness from a halogen set up as much as 300%.
LED LED lighting is a lamp or other light that uses light-emitting diodes (LEDs) as a source of illumination.
LEDs are more expensive than traditional bulbs. They are heat sensitive, so if they are not used with a steady and consistent current, they can stop working or fade quicker.
These lights are also usually best used in directional lighting rather than room lighting, although some changes in design may improve this.
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