IPF's own technics of LEDs placement, we attained an ideal of fog lamp light destribution.
The new LED fog lamp bulbs are adaptable for a wide variety of vehicles including H16 type of resin lamp body, and provide high performance lighting. And efficiently utilizing lights emitted by LEDs without waste.

Upgrade Halogen Fog Lamp to the LED Fog!

• High luminance efficient LEDs and heat releasing design of heatsink are combined to suppress a calorific power
• Attachable for resin lamp body using H16 bulb
• Fits in various types of eco-cars

"Outer Aiming Function" the PATENT Technology

IPF's LED Fog Bulb

Conventional products
Since most of replacement bulbs applying a rotation mechanism for adjusting light distribution, which requires cumbersome installing work process.
You have to verify the angle of the bulb after attaching and remove the bulb from the lamp then adjust again and so on.
It's not workable for securing bulbs to the position that you intended.
IPF's brand-new LED Fog Lamp Bulbs solve this problems.Now this is adjustable even after you installed the bulb into the lamp.
• Easy adjustment for light distribution
• Angle adjustment function on the backside
• Fine tuning while the bulb attached and lights on

Newly-designed, Noise-reduction Drive Unit

• Separate the bulb from drive unit generating heat
• Space-saving design for back side of fog lamp
• Heat release efficient heatsink
• Highly-compatible brightness
• Best combination of heat releasing and space-saving design produce brilliance and compatibility
• Lightweight drive unit(40g) with a built-in noise-reduction circuit

Unique Heatsink Design

IPF's LED fog lamp conversion kit has a unique heatsink design which enables to suppress a lowering of light caused by having excessive heat.

Product Dimensions

Dimensions(Bulb type:H8/16/11)
Dimensions(Bulb type:HB4)
Room for installation: Requires 35mm(33mm/HB4) space from the end of the bulb to the end of the heatsink, and also 50mm diameter from the center of the heatsink is needed as shown by the illustration above.


Part# Bulb type Power Consumption Color Temperature Price
101FLB H8/11/16 12v 12W 6500k OPEN
151FLB HB4 12v 12W 6500k OPEN
161FLB PSX26W 12v 12W 6500k OPEN
104FLB H8/11/16 12v 12W 2400k OPEN
154FLB HB4 12v 12W 2400k OPEN
164FLB PSX26W 12v 12W 2400k OPEN
///Term description///
Lumen It is the unit of the optical energy generated from an electric bulb.
When numerical value is large, the brightness of the bulb become brighter.
Candela Measure the brightest point numerically when a head lamp is equipment.
kelvin Kelvin temperature is a numerical measurement that describes the color appearance of the light produced by the lamp and the color appearance of the lamp itself,
expressed on the Kelvin (K) scale.

Light source
Halogen Halogen light bulbs are a special type of incandescent light bulb.
They are filled with halogen gas, have a tungsten filament, and are enclosed in quartz glass.
It is intend to be out of date, but still bright and gentle light in the eyes.
H.I.D High Intensity Discharge, it the new replacement technology for halogen headlights.
Brightness is the biggest advantage of an HID conversion. Not only will you be able to see farther and better at night, but other drivers will be able to see as well.
Its estimated that an HID conversion kit will increase your brightness from a halogen set up as much as 300%.
LED LED lighting is a lamp or other light that uses light-emitting diodes (LEDs) as a source of illumination.
LEDs are more expensive than traditional bulbs. They are heat sensitive, so if they are not used with a steady and consistent current, they can stop working or fade quicker.
These lights are also usually best used in directional lighting rather than room lighting, although some changes in design may improve this.
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